Reminder for tourists when contacting travel companies

In connection with the frequent cases of dishonest execution of obligations, as well as the commission of illegal tourism activities by certain tourist companies, the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter referred to as the Department of Tourism) recommends that citizens before the appeal read in open sources with information about the tourist company, in which it is planned to purchase a tour or order certain services, first of all, for the existence of this company.
This information can be obtained on the official website of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs
In addition to information about the existence of a travel company, it is also advisable to obtain information about the availability of information about it in the register of tourism entities, the formation and management of which is carried out by the Department of Tourism.
This information resource is open, and you can get acquainted with it by clicking on the following link:
The above information can also be obtained by contacting the Department of Tourism by calling: 8 017 327 23 25 (general counsel of the marketing and tourism services department of the Department of Tourism Krechetov Alexander Igorevich).
When contacting the tour operator before purchasing services, the Department of Tourism recommends that you read the terms of the agreement.
Please note that the contract for the provision of tourist services is made in accordance with the standard form established by law and should not contain conditions that are contrary to the law.
For other types of services, the standard contract form is not provided.
Regardless of whether a tour is purchased or individual services are ordered (booking, consulting, visa support), it is necessary to demand a written contract for the provision of services.
Exceptions are cases related to transportation and (or) placement, where the confirmation of this contract is, respectively, a ticket or document for settlement in the accommodation facility (voucher and other).
However, if transportation and (or) accommodation services are purchased in the complex (tour), along with third services not accompanying transportation or accommodation, it is necessary to conclude a contract for the provision of tourist services with subsequent issuance of documents for transportation and (or) residence.
We draw your attention to the fact that the contract is considered concluded upon agreement of all its essential conditions.
Essential are the conditions on the subject of the contract, the conditions that are called in the legislation as essential, necessary or binding for contracts of this type.
Before the signing of the contract for the provision of tourist services, it is necessary to check the availability of the following sections: the cost of services, the period and the procedure for their payment, the rights and obligations of the parties, information about the contractor, the customer and third parties for whom services are purchased, the program of tourist travel.
After the conclusion of the contract, payment must be made in the manner prescribed by the contract, the fact of payment must be confirmed by the issuance of a cash voucher or other payment document.
At the same time, the requirement of a tourist to issue a payment document is justified and directly follows from the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Protection of Consumer Rights".
Taking into account the fact that many tourist companies provide visa support to tourists, we draw attention to the fact that in the sense of the rules of the Rules for the provision of tourist services, the performer, upon receipt from the tourist of documents required for obtaining a visa (visa) to the country (place) of temporary stay (transit passage) if necessary, consults on the issues of registration of documents, as well as warns about the reasons that may lead to refusal to open a visa (visa).
The Executor has the right to refuse to accept documents from the tourist in case of a reasonable doubt in the correctness of their registration, except for cases when the tourist in writing guarantees the correctness of the documents submitted by him personally or by presenting a confirmation.
We also note that the original documents required for the provision of tourist services, as well as the currency for payment of the fee for the provision of visa support, the tourist passes to the executor under the act of acceptance and transfer of documents, which is made in duplicate.
One copy remains with the performer, the other is transferred to the tourist.
Department of Tourism