Calendar of cultural events in Svisloch district for 2019.

March 2

The regional holiday "Maslennitsa"

(City Park, Svisloch, street Dzerzhinsky)

The festival of Shrovetide is associated with the arrival of the sun, spring, warmth, farewell to the cold winter, snow and frost. On February 17, the "Maslennitsa" festival will be held in the city park with festivities, competitions, folk games, competitions of loggers, attractions and, of course, with pancakes.

In a programme:

12.00 - the theatrical opening of the holiday "Hello, SPRING!" (Concert program).

13.00 - invite holiday venues, where competitions will be held among enterprises and organizations of the city:

- "Pancake Inn" (ballet); - "Living room Lesnichevka" (competition of loggers);

- "Sports" (who is the strongest ?.);

- "Children's" (an entertaining playground for children);

- "City of Masters" (exhibition-sale of souvenirs of national masters);

- "Game" (game program for children and adults).

Wonderful prizes await the winners of the "Svisloch Pillar" attraction! There are trade outlets, shashlik and pancake tents. Svislachskaya Maslenitsa is waiting for the guests and guests for a merry holiday!!!

March 17

District competition "I am a Selchanka"

(Svisloch district, ag Velikoye Village Central Street, 47)

Representatives of each rural council of the district take part in the competition. In the program of the contest: the visiting card "I live in the country and I'm proud of it", the exhibition "The World of My Hobbies", the creative contest "The Dreams of a Modern Woman".

The main task of the competition is to show the role of women in modern society, their contribution to the strengthening of the family and healthy nation, the upbringing of children, the socio-economic and cultural-social development of the village; increase the social status of women and draw attention to the social importance of a woman-mother.

8-9 April

Easter concerts "Bright holiday of Easter"

(Svisloch regional center of culture and folk art, agro-town of Svisloch district)

Easter concerts are held in the club institutions together with the abbots of Orthodox churches. folk craftsmen conduct master classes on making Easter eggs.

April 29

Festival of needlewomen "Cozy house"

(Svisloch district, ag.Grinksy Lobacha str., 4)

The Festival of needlewomen "Utulny Dom" is held jointly with the department of traditional crafts of the Svisloch regional center of culture and folk art. The program of the festival:

- Exhibition of masters of folk art;

- Conducting master classes;

- Presentation of the exhibitions "My Way and the Ghetagma in the Mastattva";

- Concert of artists amateur creativity Svisloch.

9th May

A regional holiday dedicated to the Victory Day

(a platform in front of the District House of Culture

Svisloch, ul.Pervomayskaya, 4)

Solemn concert, meeting, honoring veterans, mass festivities dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

18 – 19 May

Regional plein air of young artists «Symphony of Greatness of Belovezhskaya Pushcha»

(Svisloch, State Educational Institution "Svisloch Children's School of Arts", Lenina str., 1A)

The regional plein air of young artists promotes the identification of gifted and talented students, the development of the artistic abilities of the participants in the open-air competition and the application of knowledge gained in the training process, the exchange of experience, the improvement of the professional skills of young artists, and the familiarity with the history and natural resources of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha".

May 27th

Festival of folk music and songs

(Svisloch district, Porozovo town, city park, Poletaeva street)

All amateurs of playing the bayan and other folk instruments are invited by the festival of folk music and songs.

The festival unites people of different generations who are in love with folk music. Participate in the festival and adults and children who show their skills playing the accordion. Well, of course, what a festival without dance to "live" music, without a song. And the songs here are more than enough for bayan and for the orchestra.

June 1st

Feast of Childhood

(Svisloch, agro-towns of Svisloch district)

On June 1, the first summer day invites young residents of Svislochina and the district to the city square.

In the program of the holiday: a concert of children's creativity, entertainment, games, contests, the work of sports and playgrounds: "Sports and Entertainment", "Merry Planet of Childhood", "Creativity and Fantasy", as well as exhibitions and sales of souvenirs, attractions and shopping points.

June 17

Culinary Parade "At the skin house - "Smachna Etsi"

(Grinky agro-town)

The event, timed to the birthday of the village of Grinki. In the program: competition for the best hostess, exhibition of culinary products of the best owners of the agro-town, concert of amateur collectives of the Svisloch regional center of culture and folk art, games, entertainment.

June 23

Action for the Day of Youth

(A platform in front of the District House of Culture

Svisloch, ul.Pervomayskaya, 4)

Young, purposeful, talented and energetic residents of the city and the region are invited to the celebration dedicated to the Day of Youth. Celebration takes place in the form of a concert and dance - entertainment program.

30 June

Retro fest "And in our yard ...!"

(Sector of culture and leisure in the agro town of Patsui

Svisloch district, ag. Patsui)

Employees of the culture and leisure sector in the agricultural town of Patsui invite you to plunge back into the past. The guests of the event are waiting for an unforgettable show in the style of "retro". A real enchanting journey through time! You are waiting for "the golden 80 and stormy 90's", "the legendary 70's and 60's."!

3 July

Celebrations dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus

(A platform in front of the District House of Culture

Svisloch, ul.Pervomayskaya, 4)

In the program of the holiday: a solemn meeting, a concert dedicated to the Independence Day of our country, festive farmsteads of rural Soviets, playgrounds, attractions, evening disco.

6 - 7 July


(City Park

Svisloch, street Dzerzhinsky)

A theatrical folk festival with ceremonial elements, play, contest, concert programs. And what about the long, joyful and slightly sad songs, the fragrance of flowers and grasses from which the bouquets were gathered, the wreaths waxed, the hope with which the girls let them into the water, the warmth of the bathing fire, the tenderness of the water in which the stars look, and the beckoning reflection of a magical flower fern among the trees of the park - all this is a fascinating bathing night in Svisloch

July 20

Day of liberation of Svisloch from the German-fascist occupation

(A platform in front of the District House of Culture

Svisloch, ul.Pervomayskaya, 4)

Dear residents of the area and our guests! We invite you to a celebration dedicated to the Day of Liberation of Svisloch District from the Nazi invaders.

In July, far in 1944, Red Army soldiers liberated Belarus from German fascist invaders. On July 17, the banner of liberation also rose above our Svislochina.

In the program of the holiday:

- Meeting "There is a memory in our hearts ...";

- Festive concert of creative groups "We glory to the city we sing!";

- Dance and entertainment program.

Work of children's attractions. During the holiday there are trade outlets.

August, 26th


(Svisloch district, Porozovo town)

By tradition, the feast begins with divine services in the church of St. Michael the Archangel. After mass, the main place of action will be the territory of the park in the town of Porozovo. There will be a concert program, the "City of Masters" will be housed with exhibitions of arts and crafts of folk masters of Grodno region. Nearby there will be a "Gostiny Dvor", where you can refresh yourself with various delicacies. During the festive program children's attractions will work. The final chord of the holiday will be a disco. Look in Porozovo - and you will see and hear everything yourself.

September 15th

"Trophy-raid of ZUBRY"

(City Park

Svisloch, street Dzerzhinsky)

It is held within the framework of the regional ecological festival of the forest "Gamonyac puschy belarusiania".

The trophy club "Belovezhskaya Zubry" invites all fans of impassability and extreme sports to the annual "Trophy raid of ZUBR".

Competitions in this format are held from 2010. But on the porous earth lovers of extreme and impassable meet for the fourth year.

The event is a trophy-raid with the orientation of the legend + GPS-navigator. Competitions are amateur and conducted with strict observance of the rules of the road. An all-wheel drive car is required for participation.

September 15 - 16

Regional ecological festival "Gamonyatits pushcha belarusskia"

(City Park

Svisloch, street Dzerzhinsky)

The festival is a creative and scientific platform for nature protection activities, demonstrations of people's livelihood, living in harmony with nature. The culmination of the holiday - theatrical performances, whose names are consonant with the theme of the festival. In the program: speeches of honorable guests and creative collectives of Grodno region, the work of "City of Masters", various ecological, creative, sports grounds.

Festival with conferences and events of the ecological direction. With competitions of woodcutters, master classes with artistic processing of wood. Parade of representatives of the flora and fauna of the Belarusian forests and a number of recreational activities for various categories of the population. Belarus, Poland.

October 12

Evening-honoring mothers of the district "With love to Mom"

(District House of Culture

Svisloch, ul.Pervomayskaya, 4) 

The event is dedicated to Mother's Day and is held annually. At the event, mothers from the whole district are honored: large families, foster children, mothers of gifted children. In the program of the holiday: congratulation and presentation of valuable gifts to mothers by the chairman of the district executive committee, a concert program of amateur collectives of the Svisloch regional center of culture and folk art, an exhibition of souvenirs.

November 24th

A regional holiday dedicated to the Day of the Agricultural Worker "Thank you for your golden hands"

(District House of Culture

Svisloch, ul.Pervomayskaya, 4)

The event is held on the Day of the Agricultural Worker, at which the best workers in all branches of agriculture are honored. In the program of the event: celebration of the foremost performers, a concert of amateur collectives of the Svisloch regional center of culture and folk art, an exhibition of agricultural achievements of the region, an exhibition of confectionery products, agricultural metochions of the district.

December 22

Theatrical procession of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

(A platform in front of the District House of Culture

Svisloch, ul.Pervomayskaya, 4)

Theatrical procession of costumed fairy-tale heroes, entertaining program with competitions and prizes.

December, 25

Christmas concert "Under the pure Christmas sky"

(District House of Culture

Svisloch, ul.Pervomayskaya, 4)

Concert program dedicated to the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ.